Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Good Riddance

902 wins, and still a loser in my book.

Bob Knight chose the middle of a college basketball season to quit. That's typical for a guy who's never shown any sign of understanding that he is not the center of the universe.

Give him his due: he knows basketball. I'll repeat that: Bob Knight knows basketball. Even the saintly John Wooden admires Knight's X's and O's.

But how you can ignore Knight's lifetime of execrable behavior? If the measure of a man is how he treats his fellow man, Bob Knight has a long way to go. He's behaved like a bully so many times that the incidents fade into each other.

And his final contribution to that legacy is to walk away from a basketball team in the middle of a season. Sure, he's 67 years old and college basketball's a tough life. But what about all that discipline and commitment he's demanded from his players over the years? Doesn't he owe them the same?

No, you can rack up the most wins in the history of the sport, but the game of life keeps score under a different set of rules. Bob Knight fouled out of that game long ago.

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