Tuesday, March 25, 2008

God-Awful Look

Greetings from Scottsdale. I'm in Spring Training bliss.

But I saw something the other day I'd rather not see again.

Eric Gagne. In maybe the worst-fitting uniform ever. I mean, pants so baggy, we worried a strong wind could catch him and send him airborne. But probably not, because it looks like he's hiding two or three other people in there with him.

Gagne, once the scourge of the National League West as the Dodgers' record-setting closer, is now trying to recapture that old magic with the Milwaukee Brewers. When he jogged in to face the Giants, he was also wearing a jersey that, at first, I thought was untucked. But my sharp-eyed son pointed out it was merely a couple of sizes too large, making for massive saggage around the waistband.

Gagne was booed, of course, by Giants fans who remember his Dodger days. But for me, the booing was about his fashion statement.

Bring back Garry Maddox, Willie Davis, Willie Mays. Guys who knew how to wear a baseball uniform. Praise the Giants pitchers, who are actually wearing old-school stirrup socks with sanitary hose beneath.

And pray that Gagne's fashion mistake is punished with the one thing that relief pitchers notice: lots of baserunners.

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