Monday, May 5, 2008

Savor It

If you stayed all the way until the end--through all the intermissions, all the shots on goal, all the icing calls--congratulations.

If you didn't--well, you missed something special.

Sure, the Sharks lost, ending their season in disappointment. But it was a hell of a loss, truly a game for the ages.

I've grown weary of the people (some Bay Area columnists come to mind) who want to beat the Sharks up because they haven't won the Stanley Cup. I don't buy the whole debate about their "heart" (or lack thereof). Let's leave it at this: this is a good hockey team, and there are other good hockey teams, and sometimes you win. Sometimes you don't.

Ask anyone on the Dallas Stars if the Sharks are underachievers. They'll tell you the truth.

It's a shame the Sharks flew into the Bay Area in the wee hours of the morning after this epic 4-overtime loss. Someone should have been there to strike up the band, for even in defeat, they did themselves proud.

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robfishersj said...

Let's not forget that if the Sharks had scored just one more goal in game 6, there would've been a game 7 and probable Sharks win in San Jose. Then they'd be playing the Red Wings in the conference finals. I'm a huge Sharks fan and disappointed at another early exit, but they certainly gave me my money's worth this year. A full season with Brian Campbell or another top-notch puck-moving defenseman may make the difference next year.