Monday, July 14, 2008

L'Affaire Favre

OK, let me get this straight. Brett Favre has the whole tearful retirement thing, and now he wants to play again?

Millions of us sat transfixed several months ago as this icon of the NFL told us he just couldn't answer the bell again. Sure, we all want to last forever, but we all eventually learn we can't.

Except now, it seems, Favre has unlearned that lesson.

I tip my cap to him for wanting to soldier on. He a quarterback and a warrior and we all love him for that.

But part of me wants him to open his eyes a bit and see the bigger picture. He's put the Packers (and their fans) in a very difficult position. They all respected his decision to retire, and now the team looks like a bunch of bad guys if they don't rush to welcome him back. On the eve of training camp, they've moved on.

It's time for Favre to do the same. Bow out gracefully. Let everyone cherish the memories. Don't let the last chapter be a sour one.

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Anonymous said...

Not only make management look like bad guys, but put Aaron Rodgers in a very uncomfortable position at a time when he's finally getting his shot. He's got enough pressure on him already without this.
Very selfish on Favre's part.