Thursday, August 7, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

Brett Favre apparently had a burning desire to play football again.

Let's see how that feels in, oh, September, when he fully realizes that he's now playing for the New York Jets. Not the defending Supre Bowl champ Giants, but the Jets, coming off a 4-12 season and with little hope of ascending into the AFC aristocracy.

Favre, of course, will get a big fat media wet kiss in the Big Apple. Newspapers like the New York Post are already fawning over Favre. The talk show lines are buzzing.

But let's say Favre fails to actually walk on water and the Jets get off to a slow start (a likelihood, given that two of their first three opponents are the Patriots and the Chargers). Then what?

Then, I'm guessing, that warm cozy feeling Favre felt for so many years in insular Green Bay will seem far, far away.

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the madness of ed said...

stan and steve,
you forgot to ask one of the most important questions of madden this morning...

susan started it, but didn't get to ask:
"what uni will favre be wearing on the cover of madden09 video game?" will they ship the game with favre in a jets jersey?

if you go to the ea sports webpage, you see a digital version of favre in a jets jersey...