Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Change Has Come

No, I'm not writing about Barack Obama's landslide victory.

I'm talking about Tim Lincecum's landslide victory.

Good for the baseball writers who vote for the Cy Young Award. They managed to look past the Giants' 90-loss season and see the transcendent talent of 24-year-old Tim Lincecum.

I've seen a lot of good ones. Koufax. Marichal. Gibson. Valenzuela. Carlton. Ryan. Gooden. Clemens. I'm telling you, Tim is as electrifying as any of those guys were. You can't turn away when he's on the mound, because you might miss something. A sick changeup. Maybe one of those TNT-laden fastballs. A good hitter looking childish.

How much of Lincecum's charm is his oddball delivery, or his "card-that-guy" boyish appearance? Some, for sure.

But mostly, he's fun to watch because he's so gosh-darned good.

Good on you, sportswriters. Good on you, Tim Lincecum.

I can't wait for Opening Day.

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