Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Whole New Category

Hey, I grew up with one great wish. I always wanted to dunk. But, cursed with a serious case of White Man's Disease, I never got there. Well, there were those pathetic trips over to the playground with the 8-foot rims where we'd slam for the camera, and then show the results later to unsuspecting dupes. But I digress.

The mythology of the slam-dunk is as basic to basketball as the high hard one is to baseball. It's a serious exclamation point. It has its own language, and can even become poetic (who can forget the great Darryl Dawkins and his "Chocolate-Thunder-Flying, Robinzine-Crying, Teeth-Shaking, Glass-Breaking, Rump Roasting, Bun-Toasting, Wham-Bam-I-Am Jam"?) .

But dig this one.

The University of Wyoming's Adam Waddell is a little embarrassed about all this just now; he admits he just lost control and his pratfall is all over the sports blooper reels.

But I say he's on to something. Somewhere, there's a playground hotshot who understands the significance of what Waddell attempted. Soon, someone will slam, pull off the backflip, and stick the landing.

Look, the first few people who tried triple axels in figure skating didn't nail them. Genius takes a while to evolve.

Adam Waddell, you've opened the door. Let's see what rushes in.

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