Monday, June 1, 2009


Some guys, you just root for.

Look, I can read the numbers. I know Rich Aurilia has been struggling at the plate this year. I know he's not getting any younger. But I just like the guy.

Only the other day, I got into a mild disagreement with someone who said he thought Aurilia was done, a guy who needed to be released. In fact, as the Giants faced a series of roster moves a few days ago, it seemed plausible that Aurilia would become the odd man out.

But the old guy (OK, he's only 37) proved his worth just yesterday, coming off the bench to start a game-tying rally and then smoking a long home run to put the Giants ahead in a 5-3 victory over St. Louis.

I'm sure the 2-for-2 day took a weight off Aurilia's shoulders (and maybe Giants GM Brian Sabean's, too), but the fact is, Aurilia is still a valuable major-leaguer.

He can play any infield position and while his range isn't what it once was, he's still surehanded and throws well.

He's a smart veteran who won't hurt you with a mental mistake.

And despite that batting average (the 2 hits yesterday brought him up to .200 for the season), I still think Rich Aurilia is a dangerous hitter. He hit .283 last year, the bat speed is still there, and I've always felt Aurilia was a very tough out in a clutch situation.

Let's hope we keep hearing "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" (the Beastie Boys tune that serves as Aurilia's walk-up music) a while longer.

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