Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

Just back from a quick Cactus League trip. Saw the Giants 3 times in 4 days (and would have gone 4-for-4 except for the rainout that cost us a trip to that lovely ballpark in Surprise).

I'll talk more about what I saw and heard on this week's KCBS Sports Fans podcast (which, by the way, is now the "Award-winning KCBS Sports Fans podcast", since the good folks at the Associated Press TV-Radio Association have named us "Best Podcast" in a region that includes a dozen western states plus the always-unpredictable broadcasters from Guam. We humbly thank the Academy for its vote).

But here's all you need to know about how cool spring training is: as I got on the bus from the rental car center back to the airport last night, a woman spotted my Giants cap and said, "This is the year, right?" And we both laughed and said, "Well, why not?"

Why not, indeed? Anything's possible in early March.

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