Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Rifleman of McCovey Cove

It seems like the Giants have been waiting forever for Nate Schierholtz to live up to his enormous promise. In truth, the guy's only 26, and over parts of 4 big league seasons, he's a .285 hitter. But somehow, it seems like it hasn't all really clicked yet.

If there ever was a single game that embodied Schierholtz's promise, it was last night at AT&T Park. He made two incredible throws to nail Phillies at second base, and hit an off-field blast that just missed clearing the left field wall.

Word gets around fast in the baseball world. You can bet tongues will be wagging about those two throws Schierholtz made. In the second inning, Philly slugger Ryan Howard ripped a ball down the line and ambled toward second for an obvious standup double. Except Schierholtz didn't see it that way. He jumped on the ball, wheeled, and fired a strike to shortstop Edgar Renteria, who tagged Howard out without a slide. Later in the game, Howard hit another seed into the same corner, and this time, had no interest in second base.

Schierholtz ended his night with an even better throw to nail Chase Utley (who runs just a bit better than Ryan Howard) at second.

Home runs are cool. Strikeouts rock. But show me something sexier than an outfielder with a strong, accurate arm.

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