Monday, March 28, 2011

The Way It Ought To Be

Now THIS is March Madness.

All of the number 1 seeds sent packing. A championship game that will include either longshot Butler or longer-longshot VCU. A bracket contest that produced only two correct "Final Four" selections out of 5.9 million entries.

Oh sure, if you're a Kansas or Duke or Ohio State fan, you're having a hard time seeing the beauty.

But this is what college sports should be all about. Passion, exuberance, unpredictability.

In the past, I've advocated a truly radical plan for the NCAA tournament: put every team in the nation in the field and make it random. No seeds. Just shake up the barrel and pair the teams up and let them play. My argument has always been that it would make for a less-predictable and more exciting tournament than the annual coronation of one of the sport's traditional heavyweights.

Of course, my idea will never come to fruition. Most people say they want excitement, but what they really want is a semblance of order. They don't want the interlopers to shake things up too much.

Well, guess what? The party's been crashed this year. I'll never get my wide-open winner-take-all tournament, so I'm enjoying this March while I can.

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