Friday, January 18, 2008

Baseball and Rap

The week is wrapping up and surprisingly, we've heard not a peep out of Congress about the furor engulfing hip-hop music. Yes, just like baseball, rap has a steroids scandal.

Big names like Timbaland and 50 Cent have been mentioned in reports about illegal distribution of steroids and human growth hormone. It turns out some of those way-too-ripped physiques may have been artificially-enhanced.

So where's the call for Congressional hearings? If the logic behind Capitol Hill's abiding interest in baseball is that kids are using steroids because their ballplaying heroes do (a sentiment expressed more than once at this week's hearing), shouldn't the multi-billion dollar music industry also be under the microscope?

Look, if Congress is really worried about kids adopting the dangerous ways of their heroes, then why stop with baseball? Of course, it's entirely possible that Congress is engaging in a bit of grandstanding with its baseball hearings. You think?

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