Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pete Carroll Is Nuts

Let me get this straight. The USC head coach is actually thinking of taking a job as head coach of the woeful Atlanta Falcons? Reports say Carroll, who is vacationing in Hawaii, talked on the phone with Falcons owner Arthur Blank.

I'm going to assume that maybe the tropical sunshine has altered Carroll's powers of logic. Otherwise, why would he walk away from what he has at 'SC for what will surely be a mess in Georgia?

Let's review. Carroll's gone 70-8 (bowl games included) in the last 6 years at USC. 44-6 in the Pac 10. Guided the Trojans to 6 consecutive top-4 finishes in the national rankings. Filled the LA Coliseum week after week. Been basically a force for good in the sometimes-sleazy world of college football.

How does it get better than that? Can there be enough money in Arthur Blank's pocket to make up for what Carroll would leave behind?

Time to get in out of the sun, Pete.

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