Monday, January 14, 2008

Let It Snow!

Show me a grown man who didn't once thrill to playing football in the mud, and I'll show you someone who missed a key part of childhood.

Maybe that's what it is about a game like this weekend's Green Bay-Seattle playoff game at Lambeau Field: it appeals to the kid in us.

Look at that picture. You can't see the yard line or the sidelines and you can barely see the wide receiver. Yet they played on, and I do mean played. The Packers' irrepressible Brett Favre capped a scoring drive by throwing a snowball in celebration. After all, isn't that what every kid from Mississippi dreams of doing someday?

It could happen again: the forecast for the NFC Championship game in Green Bay calls for a snowy 12 degrees. This could be a game to remember, on a par with the fabled "Ice Bowl" game at Lambeau in 1967. Of course, that day, it was below zero--so cold that the refs couldn't use their whistles and the marching band went silent because the brass players were losing lip-skin on their mouthpieces.

Bring it on!

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