Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Tim

Lots of talk this week about how two Giants/Diamondbacks games would have a lot to say about who wins the National League Cy Young Award.

On consecutive nights, the D-Backs' Brandon Webb and the Giants' Tim Lincecum started. As it turns out, Webb won and Lincecum lost. But if anyone thinks that proves Webb's the better 2008 pitcher, he's not looking at the stats (or the video).

Webb may have 21 wins to Lincecum's 17, but he's pitching for a team with a better record (and if I wanted to get snarky, I'd point out that Webb's lost 7 games to Lincecum's 4). In virtually every other category that matters, Lincecum has the edge over Webb:

  • ERA 2.46 to 3.26
  • Strikeouts 243 to 170
  • Innings pitched 215 to 212
  • Fewest HR allowed 10 to 13
  • Hits allowed 172 to 192

Plus, Lincecum leads in an intangible category, one I'll call GILLTF (baseball has enough weird stats; why not another one?): Guys I'd Least Like To Face. Ask around baseball, and there's near-unanimous praise and respect for what this kid's done in his 56 major league starts. As they say, he has filthy stuff, and the cojones to go with it.

End the debate. It's Cy Tim in '08.

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