Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We Smell Victory

Just back from The Second Quadrennial Cheesehead Experience, in which KCBS colleagues Doug Sovern, Mike Sugerman, Steve Bitker and I first cadge Green Bay Packers tickets out of John Madden, then try to cram as much fun as we can into a weekend.

This time, we:
  • Ate the most expensive steak any of us had ever eaten (a $55 bone-in filet mignon) in Chicago
  • Saw the Cubs clinch the NL Central pennant at Wrigley Field and actually smelled the champagne they were spraying
  • Sang "Go Cubs Go" with the locals
  • Caught a legendary bluesman none of us had ever heard of at Chicago's Kingston Mines blues club
  • Got stuck on the El for 30 minutes at 2 in the morning, then missed our stop because we were on an express train
  • Grilled 500 bratwursts in the Lambeau Field loading dock to serve to NBC Sports people, cops, US Marines, and others
  • Sat 10 rows up from the field for the Sunday night Packers/Cowboys game
  • Got stuck in postgame traffic trying to drive the 30 miles to the nearest hotel we could book while Doug swore that the map on his iPhone offered a better route
  • Stopped at Mars' Cheese Castle to acquire a hunk of Cheddar shaped like the state of Wisconsin and a sausage shaped like a bottle of Miller Lite

Does it get any better than that?

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